Bible Life Messages

Have you ever wondered why God created you? What is your purpose for existence? Do you know? God has a very special purpose for you. Find out here!

Would you like to know how to become a Christian? Find out how the people in the Bible did it here.

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Bible Life Messages are provided for individual inspiration and enjoyment as well as for Bible teaching.

For Individual Readers

If you simply want to discover a Bible message for individual inspiration, read the ebook. These books are simple to read and to understand. There is a minimal amount of exegetical explanations. You simply click the outer margins of the pages and they will turn for you.

For Bible Teachers

1.  You can print the narration in the book from a MSWord document. This document includes exegetical resources and supporting scriptures in footnotes. Also included are numbers in the text in subscript format indicating the slides in the MSPowerPoint presentation corresponding to the narration. As you come to a subscripted number, proceed to the next slide. 

2. There is a MSPowerPoint presentation which corre- sponds to the flipbook/ MSWord document narra- tions. Simply select the next slide when you come to the subscripted number in the MSWord narration. Microsoft has provided a free MSPowerPoint viewer for you if you do not have Power- Point installed on your computer. Download and install it here.

3. An abbreviated, fill in the blanks, outline is available as a handout for students or congregation to fill in as you come to that part of the message. These words or phrases are underlined on the MSPowerPoint slide so students can see what the correct entry should be. This is a MSWord document.

4. If you prefer to teach or preach from an outline, we have included an extended outline which includes all the exegetical resources and supporting scripture pas- sages.

This is in both MSPublisher and MSWord formats.

5. Finally, we've included a crossword puzzle with entries corresponding to the main points of the message. These puzzles and solution sheets are PDF documents. Download and install the free Adobe Reader for PDF files here.

These Bible Life Messages can be used effectively in home cell groups. You can host a cell group in your home without being a Bible teacher.

1. Simply print out the narration.

2. Connect your computer to your TV in PC mode.

3. Put the MSPowerPoint program in slide presentation mode or use the free downloadable viewer.

4. As you read the narration, progress to the next slide when you get to a subscripted number in the text.

5. Give each participant a student handout so they may fill in the blanks when each slide is projected.

6. You might also give them the crossword puzzle to work later in the week to keep their minds fresh on that message. The solution page can be given at the next home cell group meeting.

This website will always be a work in progress. The Bible Life Messages are linked in the following indexes. Enjoy!


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